About Us

Our passion is to bring back the money your company fully entitled to. Simple process but powerful results, we promise and we deliver.

Who Are We

San Diego based company, we are proud to work relentlessly to bring extra resources to local businesses.

Our Mission

Knowledge is power. We want to educate business owners about their entitlement and create work opportunities for others.


What We Do

We connect your business to a team of experts to recover your money on a contingent basis.

Our 3-D Process


 95% of eligible businesses do not know where to start, so we’ll help them discovery their powerful resources.


The process of identity and calculating the appropriate amount of incentives is very important. Our team  of experts has maintained a pristine reputation of excellence.


For every project, small or large, we’ll deliver what we promise. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Why Choose Us?

Professionalism is key. Our services bring positive outcome in the best manner.

If you heard from our customers, they ‘re most impressed with our simple, effective process.